Our Story

Drs. Erin and Jessica Mitchell founded Stand as One, Inc. international ministries, whose call is to combat human trafficking and bring unity, activation and advancement to the body of Christ.  Through a partnership with other Kingdom leaders throughout the world, they are actively involved in projects whose purpose is the restoration of families and the fight against human trafficking.


They currently have a presence in Nicaragua that focuses on getting women, children and men out of prostitution and ending the cycle of bondage, poverty, and shame.  The ministry provides the Gospel message and ongoing discipleship as well as various income producing and developmental opportunities. The training center in Jinotepe, Nicaragua is nearing completion which will provide the ministry even more opportunity to reach and train more people.


Erin and Jessica speak at global conferences, churches and various civic groups to help raise awareness of human trafficking and to encourage individuals to use their individual gifts.  Ultimately we depend upon the Holy Spirit to heal, deliver and activate the beautiful gifts and talents that He has empowered in each of us!  They are driven to be a change both in our local communities and in the global culture; to become a part of the generation that puts an end to this pandemic disease that affects all of our nations.

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, most often women and young children, for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation and/or forced labor.  This trend has exponentially exploded in proportion and complexity to where it has now become the 21st century slavery!