Our story


In 2009, God began to speak to the hearts of Erin and Jessica about the exploitation of young girls and children. Human Trafficking is one of the darkest corruptions today, and it’s largely hidden from the American eye. Erin and Jessica knew very little about this corruption until God miraculously focused their hearts on the abuses that were breaking His heart. With confidence that God’s love brings light into the darkness and that darkness will not overcome it, they made themselves available to partner with passionate people in the area to help stop human trafficking and to minister in this dangerous fight.


Along with dedicated local residents, they started working in Nicaragua with a small group of women.  These victims of commercial sexual exploitation were visited in their places of work simply to love and accept them just as they were.  This has been a challenging endeavor due to the significant wounds of these women and their reluctance to trust.  The efforts have required an abundance of love, acceptance and most of all perseverance and dedication...us not giving up on them just as God does not give up on any of us!


“Why do these people want to know me? What do they really want from me?” were the first thoughts in their minds.  In time, they began to trust and slowly peek over the walls surrounding their heart to the possibility that someone may actually care about them.  Simply by being available to show love and mercy to an outcast group, this small group began to see women take interest and engage.  It continues to be a glorious privilege to see the new-found look of hope in eyes that once looked hopeless and smiles on faces where before expressionless. Out of this need, the outreach ministry of Stand as Once in Nicaragua was created.

Today, over 100 women, partners and 300 children have been impacted with the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Stand as One equips them not just through offering them the Gospel of Hope, but through true discipleship, education and income creation for families so their generational lines can finally break the financial need, mindsets and bondage of prostitution.

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, most often women and young children, for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation and/or forced labor.  This trend has exponentially exploded in proportion and complexity to where it has now become the 21st century slavery!